ZENITSU | Hegxie

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This is HEGXIE®

Hegxie was created and patented by Serap Öney in 2018 to be used in several series of her Art Shows and Exhibitions. By the time, thanks to modular and aesthetic stance, it is also preferred in interior design applications from various areas and interested by innovative collectors. As a new aspect for art perspicacity, Hegxie also allows you to invest an artwork partially that you can complete the series of  a full masterpiece in progress of time as long as the artist march on her adventure. You may find more about the manifesto behind the creation of Hegxie in the artists related publications.


Both Acrylic Paint and Print on Canvas versions are created by artist Serap Öney and only limited to stocks. Only 50 pieces of prints are available and all items are numbered on regarding to order queue.


There are two available applications for this item as on desk and wall. The Wall use version is ready to hang depending on your choice of installation. You can connect each Hegxie with other thanks to easy click-clack CONHEG®  kits coming inside the items pack. For desk application you are also free to use CONHEG®  kits or stand-alone feature.

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* If you are interested to purchase full rights of the original artwork then please contact via art@seraponey.com .



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