Welcome to SERAP ÖNEY™ Brand Ambassador Deal (SO BAD) opportunities.

We have been creating premium items under our brands SERAP ÖNEY™ Artworks, LUW® Shoes & Couture , HEGXIE®, KNITIE®, SO® and The Walking Art with the idea of spreading the love of art to everyone on this planet. Yet we achieved to reach thousands of people over 25 countries, but this is not enough as we are just starting.

Throughout our mission we have always believed we can only get stronger if together, so designed SO BAD to bring you many new career connections and additional income. If you have faith in art and capable of influencing out of borders then you are the ambassador candidate who we are looking for!

To learn more about our SO BAD opportunities and plans please fill the following form, then we will share details by email if our team agree you are the one.