What would happen if we place nature at the center of our presence, instead of human and their arrogance?

PlanetSO is actually a manifestation of this question. I wanted to make such an idea strengthen with a fantastic style. Because when we look at my works, this is a very surreal situation. But it’s actually just as real.

The transformation I observed in people, especially after the pandemic, enabled my ideas to develop greatly. After the parallel thought that emerged, I started writing stories about an alternative life.

On the one hand, there is IMPOS, a mature community that respects nature and does not exploit it. And on the other hand, destroying nature, torturing other creatures, insensitivity and lack of virtue have pushed presence towards becoming SEGNIS.

The IMPOS live in an alternative possible future, or the SEGNIS live in a possible future. Ultimately, it is actually in our hands to decide which universe our choices push us towards.