Shoes are the objects that lead us to where we want to go and all stare on them during the journey.

It is powerful because it constantly struggles with the challenges of the earth. It is charming because the
eyes begin to check over first from the feet. It is indispensable because mankind cannot contact the outside world without it.

While searching the source of power, I believe that shoes have all these features and said LUW (Let Us Walk) to take the first step of my long-term project in 2014.

While studying in fine arts, I argued that the machine entered between human and substance then destroyed the beauty. The fact that art and fashion are in a very creative dialogue bring new ideas and they wanted to democratize the art by means of handcrafting and committing to the wider public societies.

By redefining what an artwork means, I described shoes are my neoteric canvas as a result of my scope to make sense and founded The Walking Art movement.

In 2010, I took my first step towards a long-lasting project with the manifesto of spreading art to masses. Ideology was very clear. Shoes, which are the most basic accessory to go with and even lead everywhere we go, are certainly one of the strongest materials that an artist needs and could perform art upon.

I concede art as an opportunity not only an aesthetic application but also to raise new questions and find answers.