Even though I am familiar with traditional art, I closely follow the development of technology in art world and manage my relentless adaptation. For creation of my artworks I can use digital tablets and utilise many softwares such as Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint at advanced level.

I run some projects as limited edition canvas prints. I transfer the style I developed using the traditional method to my digital works. Thus, it turns into a pure material for me, just like a conventional paint.

I carried traces of the Art Nouveau movement in the poster I made in honor of the 100th anniversary of our Republic in 2023. I have designed posters and banners in many different projects and I think that this technique expresses my artistic expression strongly.

Working on color theory played an important role in improving my digital art. These are some commission works.

I have been obsessed with clouds for a long time. Digital or traditional style, it doesn’t matter. I paint it as a background for some concept arts. Sometimes I use it in shoe designs. Here are some of them.

Turkiye, the country I live in, has a very rich culture that once hosted different civilizations. I especially love visiting historical sites and getting inspired by those cultures. For example, these are theater mask drawings in my own style from the ancient city of Myra.

I am loving animal portraits lately. I think our pet friends always need our attention and affection. I transform them into a contemporary work of art with my color palette.