Welcome to my colorful world. Here you will find my most current works and their production stages.

The effect of growing up in touch with nature constitute one of the basic elements of my art. I believe that every being has a soul, and in my imagination I integrate souls with humanity.

Most of my materials consist of water-based acrylic paint, canvas and paper. In some of my projects, I apply mixed techniques and create reliefs.

I have been working on color theory since I studied Fine Arts in 2007. At the end of the day, I create expressive works with my own color palette.

Experimenting acrylic paint on different surfaces improves my art and brings new ideas to my mind. Here are some of my recent works that consist of different stuff.

Throughout my career, I have participated in exhibitions in many domestic and worldwide galleries and museums. One of these was the worker portraits project in Germany. As a craftsmans daughter, I took part in the project with colorful portraits in order to highlight untold story of all those people who migrated from Anatolia to seek hope.

Just as I work on large-sized canvases, I also create on small ones. I am one of those who think that art should be democratic. Here are some of my works in size 10×15 cm.

I have attended many workshops in my art life. I took part in online exhibitions and opened the doors of my workshop to my audience on social media. Thanks to high interaction availability of modern age I find chance to mentor many young people at the beginning of their journey as much as I can.